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Effective content management is the basis for effective online marketing. 3points offers a broad range of content solutions that allow organizations and enterprises to make the most of the web as a marketing tool.

avatarWebsite characterization: characterization is the building block for a successful website that best reflects the organization’s nature and marketing strategy. The professional team at 3points will draft your website’s characterization taking your company’s needs and designated arena of web activity into consideration. Our content specialists will work hand in hand with you throughout all stages of your website’s development – from planning to publishing – and provide you with design concepts, branding ideas and suggestions for useful applications that may be imbedded in your website.

avatarProfessional content management: 3points provides business enterprises and public organizations with professional outsourced content management. The content managers operate out of the client’s offices to provide full content solutions that include the development of high quality content, staff and client interviews and the authoring, editing and publishing of web content. Our content managers will promote the organization’s marketing strategy in line with your organizational policies. 

avatarProfessional newsletter: 3points brings you effective marketing strategies for customer retention, sales promotion tools and an active customer-club, using online marketing solutions such as professional newsletters. Our professional team will suggest, write, edit and design suitable content and provide you with a newsletter that will be sent out to customers through an advanced mailing system.

avatarProfessional blog: 3points offers business enterprises and public organizations a ticket into the world of social networks with an effective branding, promotional and marketing tool – a professional blog. Our experts will create your blog – from characterization, conceptualization and design to the development of suitable content, editing and publishing that incorporate content marketing messages aiming for the promotion of the enterprise’s or organization’s goals.

avatarWeb copywriting: 3points offers effective copywriting and MARCOM services. Our team will develop a set of marketing solutions based on a unique communicative language that conforms to your organizational objectives and incorporates key words and phrases for search engine content as well as targeted MARCOM in order to promote and enhance user activity and smart integration of content marketing messages on your website.

avatarInternet marketing: 3point’s specialists will develop an effective toolkit to provide a flow of traffic onto your website by means of organic SEO, marketing content and targeted search engine advertising. Our experts will identify and analyze surfer behavior and patterns and create strategic collaborations in order to draw greater traffic from your target audience.

avatarSocial network marketing: 3points invites you to join the social network revolution! We develop professional and targeted marketing strategies that are tailored to your needs. 3points offers content management packages that are based on marketing strategies that answer to your requests and include social media campaign management, professional editing services and ongoing page and account management on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.

avatarCellular content: 3point’s mobile service package offers you all the tools you need to ensure your visibility in the mobile world such as content customized to mobile media, mobile campaigns, location- based applications, QR codes and advanced applications tailored to your needs and objectives.

avatarSearch engine (SE) content: You can have a great website but if it doesn’t show up on SE results – it doesn’t exist! 3points develops promotional internet tools to enhance your website’s SE rating such as website menus, SE-specific MARCOM, and content editing based on key words and phrases. We create high quality content websites that continuously climb higher on SE ratings. 


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